I rate Gene as a coach due to his dynamic and appropriate approach, keeping it fun, effective and fast!

I came to Gene with the desire to set a personal best for a standard distance triathlon race.  Gene was able to consider my decade of triathlon racing experience as well as my personality, creating both a program and a coach-athlete relationship that supported and challenged me while fitting with my other commitments.

I did core work, speed play, and sessions that focused on my running form at the track.   On the bike, he introduced interval work, which increased the intensity but reduced the hours spent on the bike.  He knows my strength as a swimmer and understood that for me, it was just about having a good race in the water.

He was able to meet me each week and offer me what I needed, whether it was to tame the little voices in my head or just to have a nice relaxed conversation about life to balance out any worry that was arising from what was unfolding in my training.

Emily Buskirk 

Prior to 2008, I couldn’t even swim, let alone complete a triathlon. So, of course, I decided to compete at the Rotorua Half Ironman. I had done a bit of running and cycling, but nothing serious, and was suffering constant overuse injuries.

With Gene’s guidance, I was able to train more consistently, stay healthier, and see significant improvements in speed. Gene’s programmes were great – varied, every workout had a clear purpose, and they seemed designed for me, rather than being a general training plan, with the odd tweak here and there. Gene was also very happy to alter things on a sometimes daily basis, which given an (occasionally) hectic work schedule, was greatly appreciated.

With Gene’s help, I successfully completed the Half in a more than respectable time – something I wouldn’t have achieved without him!

Phillip Cornege 

Your dedication and passion for the sport is infectious and a big asset as a coach

Thanks Gene for being such a great coach!! I really appreciated the time and effort you put in with the programmes and coming to watch and support me at my events to help guide me through them. Your dedication and passion for the sport is infectious and a big asset as a coach. You are awesome and I couldn’t have dreamed of it or done it without you.

Annabel Ramsey (first time coast to coaster 11th overall one day event)

Gene thank you so much for all the effort and time you gave up to help me train and get the the world tri champs. Without your time and commitment and having the ability to change my programme to suit my work schedule I would not have finished 14th in the world and come away with the 2nd fastest run split. This has been a dream come true and to come from a runner and transform into a triathlete you have made this so easy for me and given me the confidence to go further now.

Sarah Gardner

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