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This section is just a little out line to some easy questions about triathlon and my thoughts:



Q – Do I need to be good at all 3 disciplines?

A – No you don’t need to be good at all 3. Most athletes are normally very strong in 1 or 2 of the 3 disciplines but this is when coaching or group squad sessions are good as they will help you become stronger in your weakness discipline. For example I could not swim until 2009 and it took me 39.45 mins to swim 1500mt now I’m swimming it at around 27mins in just a couple of years.

Q – Is triathlon an expensive sport to get into?

A – No it is not an expensive sport unless you make it yourself buy buying all the best gear around. To start with you can pick up a good second hand road bike or at your local bike shop. A road bike is better suited as the gearing will help you along with a light frame and skinning tyres for less drag. Wetsuits are optional but in NZ waters it is not always the warmest. There are a number of good brands available in NZ like 2XU, Blueseventy, Orca etc and these can be hired from some swim shops like T3 which are located in most main towns or from 2XU directly. With running it would buy to get good shoes and have them professionally selected for you from the likes of Shoe Clinics who have 17stores national wide and they will help select the right shoes for you to train and race in that will not or reduce the cause injury.

Q – Do you need to be coached?

A – No you do not need to be coached but yes it does help you from doing the right things or creating bad habits during training or racing. If not coached or you are unaware of what your doing you can over train causing injury or burn out or not realise that your running/cycling or swimming technique may not be fully correct this is when a coach steps in to guide and direct you in the right way. Some people just do not like to be coached but most are as it helps them to go forward faster and if or when things go wrong they have someone to talk to about getting it right the next time.

Q – What if I’m not fast enough?

A – Triathlon is not about how fast or how well you place it is about joining the fastest growing sport in the world and feeling great about achieving something that is not hard to do. A massive amount of people all start slow but once they get into it they do become faster and can become more competitive but only if they want to. Believe me the fast guys know who they are and they will race each other so the best thing is just let them go and just enjoy getting out and having a great fun event and you will meet a load of like minded people. At my best I always enjoyed and still do enjoy watching people that cross the line near the back of the field and I still get a good kick out of them as they have also just completed something they thought they could never do and time and time again I keep seeing new faces giving it a go and they keep coming back.

Q – How do I get involved?

A – There are a number of ways of getting into Triathlon, for one you have read my website or if you want someone closer to your town etc the best way is to get onto TRINZ website as this will give you the links to all clubs, coaches, events and anything you need to know about this sport. Racing is normally from October to late March early April but once that hits it doesn’t end there as then the Duathlon scene begins that is a run/bike/run and a great way if you can not swim like me or want to keep fit during the winter months.

Q – What if I get injured or don’t have the time to train?

A – This is something that can and will happen from time to time but for me I believe in fitting training around your personal life and work commitments. In regards to injury there are ways of fitting and maintaining a level of fitness around this pending on how bad your injury is. This is the great thing about triathlon as that if you are unable to do one thing you can normally continue on with 1 of the 3 disciplines but you will need to take them easy. This is also a good thing about having a coach as they should be able to see the signs or with regular contact be able to adapt your training to suit your needs so as you don’t get injured unless it was an act of god that was out or their control.

if by any chance there are other things you need answers for please feel free to contact myself and I will be happy to reply back with any answers.



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