Hall of Fame

Hello here is a list of the athletes that have won or made podiums on a national or local championship level.  Also the list of team members that have made the New Zealand in their discipline. These have been since my introduction to coaching in 2006.

New Zealand team members

Craig Renshaw – Duathlon & Triathlon / Damon Peachey –  Duathlon / Fleur Baker – Duathlon & Triathlon / Sarah Gardner – Duathlon & Triathlon / Stijn Schepers Triathlon (Xterra) /  Aaron Lynch – Triathlon / Bronte Tennant – Triathlon / Evan Agnew – Duathlon & Triathlon / Jane Loughnan – Aquathon & Triathlon / Kath Tate – Triathlon / Lachlan Davey – Duathlon & Triathlon / Luwane Schuster – Triathlon / Natalie Hardaker – Triathlon /  Struan Robertson – Triathlon (Xterra) / Susannah Lynch – XC running & Triathlon / Susannah Sharpe – Triathlon / Todd Maddock – Triathlon & Aquathon / Shamus Morrison – Orienteering / Nicky Sutherland – Triathlon / Ross Jamieson – Triathlon & Aquathon / Jake Jamieson – Triathlon / Jo Saxton – Triathlon / Becky Hawthorne – Aquathon & Triathlon / Emelie Clarke – Triathlon / Sophie Bright – Triathlon & Duathlon / Emma Stewart – Triathlon / Jo Crawford – Triathlon / Kerri Ball – Triathlon / Danie Mars – Triathlon / Leeanne Matthews – Triathlon & Aquathon / Neill Law – Triathlon / Kit Bennet – Triathlon / Angie Keen – Triathlon & Aquathon / Caitlyn Macquarrie – Triathlon / Rebecca Speirs – Duathlon / Christian Davey – Duathlon / Jared Zivkovic – Triathlon

Annabel Ramsey 1x NZ podium / 5x WLG champ podiums (triathlon & multisport)

Aaron Lynch 2x WLG champ podiums / 1x NZ podium

Bronte Tennant 1x WLG champ podium / 2x NZ podium

Evan Agnew 1x WLG champ podium

Jake Jamieson 2x WLG champ title, 6x WLG champ podiums  (triathlon & cycling), 1x NZ podium (running)

Jane Loughnan 2x WLG champ podiums

Kath Tate 3x WLG champ podiums

Christian Davey 4x WLG champ podiums (triathlon, running & cycling), 3x NZ podium, 5x WLG champ title, College sport Wellington winner for multisport 2015, 1x SI podium

Lachlan Davey 4x national titles, 4x NZ podiums / 8x WLG champ podiums (triathlon, duathlon & cycling) / College sport Wellington winner for multisport 2010,2011 & 2013

Luwane Schuster 2x WLG champ podium

Mike Lynch 1x WLG champ podium, 1x NZ podium

Natalie Hardaker 6x national titles / 6x WLG champ titles / 3x WLG champ podiums / 2x NZ podium / 1x Oceania podium

Oliver Wood 1x WLG champ podium (cycling)

Shamus Morrison 4x national titles, 9x NZ podiums, 3x Oceania titles, 4x Oceania podiums, 4x WLG Titles, 5x WLG podiums, other regional titles x4, other regional podiums x6

Susannah Lynch 3x national titles, 3x NZ podium / 6x WLG titles (triathlon & running) /3x WLG champ podiums (running) / College Sport Wellington winner for triathlon 2012 & 2013, 1x Oceania podium / 2x Otago XC titles

Fleur Baker 1x NZ podium / 3x WLG champ podiums

Raewyn Morrison 2x NZ podiums / 3x WLG champ podiums (mountain biking)

Sarah Gardner 1x NZ podium / 5x WLG champ podiums (triathlon & running)

Jo Saxton 2x NZ podiums / 1x WLG champ title / 1x WLG champ podium

Henry Gautrey 4x NZ podiums / 3x WLG champ title (triathlon/cycling & running) / 1x WLG podium (cycling) / 1x Oceania podium

Josh Highet 2x WLG champ podiums

Struan Robertson 1x NZ podium

Susannah Sharpe 1x NZ podium, 1x WLG champ podium

Emelie Clarke 3x WLG champ title, College sport Wellington winner for multisport 2014 & 2015

Caitlyn Macquarrie 1x WLG podium

Thomas McCallum 1x WLG champ title, 5x WLG podium (Cycling/triathlon)

Mitchell Rutter 1x WLG champ Title, 2x WLG podium (running/triathlon)  College Sport Wellington winner for triathlon 2013 & 2014 / 2x NZ podium / 1x Oceania podium

Nicki Sutherland 1x NZ podium / 1x Oceania podium

Daniel Ryan 1x WLG champ title, 1x WLG podium

Ben Walton 1x NZ podium

Sophie Bright 1x WLG champ title, 3x WLG podiums, 1x NZ title

Becky Hawthorne 1x WLG champ title, 2x WLG podiums, 1x NZ title

Max Wickens 1x WLG champ title

Ben Sutherland 1x win 100km ultra marathon (glasshouse mtn’s classic Australia)

Emma Stewart 1x WLG champ podium

Thomas Newman 3x WLG champ podium

Jo Crawford 2x WLG champ podiums

Leeanne Matthews 1x NZ podium, 1x NI title podium

Vicki Maguire 2x WLG champ titles (cycling), 1x WLG champ podium (cycling), 1st TT cycle Taupo challenge, 1st WLG masters cycle 2 day tour, 1st female Tour of BOP & 2nd overall,  Vicki has also recorded fastest female bike splits in numerous triathlon cycle events around NZ.

Neill Law 1x SI podium, 1x WLG champ podium, 1x NI podium, 1x NZ podium

Angie Keen 1x WLGG champ title, 2x WLG champ podium, 1x NI podium, 2x NZ podium

Rebecca Speirs 1x WLG champ podium, 1x NZ title

Molly Newton Smith 1x WLG podium

Boston Bright 1x NZ podium

Kit Bennet 1x WLG champ podium

Jared Zivkovic 1x WLG champ title, 1x NI champ podium

Prajna Baskar 1x WLG champ title

Jess H-W 1x WLG champ podium, 1x NI champ podium, 1x NZ podium

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