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My introduction to triathlon was by a good friend of mine back in 1996 who was doing a triathlon and me not being a swimming I found out about this thing called duathlon and from that day on I was hooked. I have raced just about everything from triathlon, duathlon, running, multisport,  plus more. Since then I have won and placed very well in a lot of races from a national to international level.


Having given a lot of advise to follow racers and friends I spoke with my coach, good friend and mentor Justin Trolle about getting into coaching and using my own knowledge and experience to help others reach goals whether it be just a PB, being selected for there country or simply just crossing the finish line.
I have a slightly different approach to coaching and that is I like to get down to the pool observe just what your doing during your training set, or get out on the bike and just see what your doing, and how your doing it and also the same with your running, as sometimes the best way to really see what your doing is to get out there with the athlete. Everything I get you to do is something that I have tried and tested myself and I would not make any athlete try to tackle something if I really feel your not going to be able to complete 100%.
My aim is to get my athletes to the start line in the best shape, (being in one piece) and from there on in it is up to them to race the race the best they can.  I coach athletes from the beginner to junior, age group and the elite but to me it’s the excitement of seeing my team finish and feeling great about what they have done from the time I started coaching to the time they cross the finish line. In my time of coaching I have coached my team to local and national titles.

Gene McNaught

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