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3 members become IRONMAN at IMNZ 2014 plus karapoti Classic

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Big weekend just gone with athletes racing all over the world over 3 distance events.
On Saturday I had 3 athletes I have been working with to complete their first ever ironman distance race. All 3 made it to the finish line in one piece and all very satisfied, but like everyone else on the course had a very tough day and visited some demons, meet some other amazing people and ticked the bucket …list box, but will they go back, I guess time will tell.
This was the 30th anniversary for this event in NZ and the field was the largest ever with approx. 1650 starters and 3x that in people watching, cheering and having the day of their lives in a nice hot Taupo day.
Ryan, Lana and Sorrel all did me and the SportscoachNZ team proud to have all become members of the ironman family.
Ryan Cornwell came home in 12.10.46hrs, finished 17th in the 18-24age group from 32 starters and 627th overall.
Sorrel Fagan came home 13.10.01hrs, finished 31st 30-34 age group from 53 starters and 895th overall.
Lana Moriarity came home 14.27.49hrs, finished 39th 30-34 age group from 53 starters and 1184th overall.
Also this day was the Karapoti classic, NZ’s longest running Mountain bike race and been going for 29 years. Lined up was Susannah Sharpe coming home 3rd female and 148th overall from 241 starters in the weekend warriors class in a time of 3.54.15hrs.
The race is 50km of brutal trails including massive climbs and some fun downhill sections.
Also lined up Sampson Mollan, this young lad had a great race also and even had to stop to help a seriously injured rider who crashed in front of him and was knocked out.  In doing this his race was still very good as he came home 4th 13-18 age group and 147th overall in 3.53.19hrs
In the sunny state of California Lincoln Falconer took on a marathon over some very beautiful rolling hills on a hot day. Lincoln got home in a time of 4.58hrs. This marathon attracted over 3000+ starters. Not sure on place yet.

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