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Welcome to SportscoachNZ

Hello and welcome to SportscoachNZ, I hope you enjoy keeping up to date with my team of hearty athletes taking on the locals and overseas competitors.

Training Plans

My training plans are designed to fit in with your life style, whether it is around family, business, or just good old life in general.
I work a little differently to many other coaches, and take a holistic approach. I think about not only training you as an athlete, but also about how to balance that training with your other life commitments. Working on how to get the most out of you, so you can get the most out of your training and your life.
I take an active approach with the people I train. Be it getting into the water with them, out on the roads or trails. Mountain biking, road biking, running or swimming, training with the individual or the Sportscoach athletes as a team for group training.
All my training plans incorporate various levels throughout a training month with as a rule; one week being easy, another moderate, another hard, and a key hard week including some form of testing (time trialing etc.). Each week I fully believe in one rest day where you do nothing but rest, recover and reflect on the previous week has gone.

Latest News

SportscoachNZ is please to appointed Head Coach for the newly form club CSP (Capital Sport Performance) This club is founded in the Wellington region and here Gene will be working closely with the team, insuring all athletes get the direction they are needing. Please visit their website and visit them also on facebook.

SportscoachNZ group run session

These sessions are run on a Monday nights and are focused on not just triathletes but also pure runners, multisporters and anyone wanting to improve their fitness. The sessions are designed for all abilities, with a duration of 1.15hrs - 1.45hrs. We run in all conditions (although we have covered facilties for the worst weather). After a warm up, we focus on core strengthening, followed by running drills, and then a main run session.

World Champs team for 2014

This year I have a number of athletes heading away to Edmonton, Canada for the ITU 2014 World Champs.
The team for the ITU sprint and standard champs include Emma Steward, Emelie Clarke, Sophie Bright, Becky Hawthorne, Jo Doherty, Kerri Ball and Danie Mars

Professional Endurance Sports Coaching "forever in motion"